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Lifejacket Servicing

Regular lifejacket servicing is crucial for maintaining safety standards and ensuring that your equipment is up to par. For SOLAS approved lifejackets used professionally, annual servicing is an essential requirement. However, even for recreational use, authorities worldwide strongly recommend regular lifejacket servicing.

Did you know that during a recent lifejacket servicing clinic held by the UK Royal Naval Lifeboat Institute (RNLI), 80% of participants found faults with their lifejackets, with some even having serious defects? Don't take any chances with your safety. IC Brindle offers professional lifejacket servicing that ensures your lifejackets are free from serious and undetected defects, keeping you safe on the water.

Located in Poole, Dorset, our lifejacket servicing option provides a bespoke solution for keeping your lifejackets functioning, professional, and compliant with water safety regulations. Our Mullion, Besto, Crewsaver lifejacket range offers a complete and thorough lifejacket servicing that includes unpacking, inflating, testing, inspecting, and re-packing your lifejacket!

At I.C. Brindle, we understand the importance of safety, which is why we offer our lifejacket service at an affordable price, starting from just £12.00 plus VAT!

We also offer a special deal of £9.50 for the first annual service with any lifejacket purchased from I.C Brindle. Don't delay your in-water safety — book your lifejacket service with us today and stay safe in the water with I.C. Brindle lifejacket servicing.