MED FireBuddy Trousers - Firefighting Pants with Fire-resistant Construction - Protective Garment for Fire Fighters

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The MED FireBuddy Trousers feature wide elasticated braces with adjustable straps and convenient quick-release buckles for a secure and comfortable fit. For enhanced visibility, optional fire-resistant retro-reflective tape can be easily attached to the wrists, hem, and ankles. Additionally, there is the option to equip these trousers with radio and thigh pockets for added functionality and convenience.

Firefighter Trousers with Fire-Resistant Design - MED FireBuddy Trousers - Protective Attire for Firefighters

The MED FireBuddy Trousers features a three-layer construction, with an outer shell made of aramid for superior durability. The second layer consists of meta-aramid felted thermal barrier, quilted to the third layer of aramid/viscose lining for exceptional heat resistance. The trousers are equipped with adjustable wide elastic braces and convenient quick-release buckles, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. For added safety, optional fire-resistant retro-reflective tape can be easily attached to the wrists, hem, and ankles. Additionally, there is the option to include radio and thigh pockets, providing convenient storage solutions for firefighters.

Key Features & Equipment Benefits:

  • Enhanced Protection: The MED FireBuddy Trousers are designed with a fire-resistant construction, providing reliable protection to firefighters in high-risk environments. The durable materials used in their construction help to mitigate the risks associated with heat and flames.
  • Adjustable Elasticated Braces: The trousers feature wide elasticated braces with adjusters, allowing firefighters to customize the fit according to their comfort and requirements. This ensures a secure and snug fit, enhancing freedom of movement during intense firefighting operations.
  • Quick-Release Buckles: The inclusion of quick-release buckles adds an extra layer of convenience and safety. Firefighters can swiftly remove the trousers when necessary, ensuring ease of wear and rapid response during emergencies.
  • Optional Retro-reflective Tape: The MED FireBuddy Trousers offer the option to incorporate fire-resistant retroreflective tape. By attaching this tape to the wrists, hem, and ankles, visibility is significantly enhanced, improving the safety of firefighters in low-light or smoky conditions.
  • Versatile Pocket Options: These trousers provide optional radio and thigh pockets, offering practical storage solutions. Firefighters can securely carry essential equipment, tools, or communication devices, keeping their hands free for critical tasks while having easy access to important items.
  • Reliable Durability: MED FireBuddy Trousers are built to withstand the rigors of firefighting operations. The high-quality materials and craftsmanship ensure long-lasting durability, allowing firefighters to rely on their protective garment in demanding and challenging situations.
  • Comfortable Fit: The adjustable features of the trousers, such as elasticated braces and adjusters, contribute to a comfortable and personalized fit. This ensures that firefighters can focus on their tasks without distractions or discomfort caused by ill-fitting garments.
  • Safety Standard Compliance: The MED FireBuddy Trousers meet industry safety standards, guaranteeing that firefighters are equipped with a reliable and certified protective garment. This compliance provides peace of mind to both the wearers and their supervisors.

Technical Information:


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  • Fire-resistant construction for enhanced protection

  • Wide elasticated braces with adjusters for a secure and comfortable fit

  • Quick-release buckles for convenient wear and removal

  • Optional fire-resistant retroreflective tape for increased visibility

  • Optional radio and thigh pockets for convenient storage

  • Durable materials for long-lasting performance

  • Compliance with industry safety standards

  • Designed for comfort during intense firefighting operations.

  • Size Range: S-XL


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