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Lifebuoy , Throwing Line , Cabinet and Rail Clamps - Budget Range Complete Life buoy Set with Life ring, Housing, Throwing Line & Fixings for Railings

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Rail Clamp Lifebuoy Set - Budget Range
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Lifebuoy , Throwing Line , Cabinet and Rail Clamps - Budget Range Complete Life buoy Set with Life ring, Housing, Throwing Line & Fixings for Railings is available to buy in increments of 1

Lifebuoy, Line, Housing and Rail Clamps for securing directly to railings.


This Budget Set Gives You:

  • 1 x 24" or 30" Orange lifebuoy that comes complete with retro reflective tape and grab lines
  • 1 x Encapsulated throwing line (20m for the 24" lifebuoys & 30m for the 30m lifebuoys)
  • 1 x Universal budget lifebuoy housing/cabinet
  • 1 x Set of Rail Clamps for securing directly to railings
  • 1 x Cover for Housing (If selected in the drop down menu) 

Key Features & Equipment Benefits:

  • Tough, durable polyethylene. Corrosion and Impact resistant.
  • Has grab lines and class 1 retro reflective bands - increasing visibility. 
  • Designed for use by Local Authorities River and Water Companies in both commercial and leisure activities.
  • For use in either fresh or salt water.
  • Ideal for deployment near rivers, canals and lakes.
  • Complies with RNLI guide.
  • PU foam-filled for increased durability.


  • Buoyancy 80 Newtons (24") or 180 Newtons (30")
  • Outside diameter: 560mm (24") or 730mm (30")
  • Depth: 90mm (24") or 115mm (30")
  • Weight: 1.3kg (24") or 2.5kg (30") 


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National Waterside Safety Guidlines:

Before installing life-saving equipment like lifebuoys and lifebuoy housings, it's crucial to conduct a thorough risk assessment, following the guidelines recommended by the National Water Safety Forum. At I.C. Brindle, we firmly believe that focusing on preventing water accidents is just as important as having the right rescue gear.

Should the decision be made to install lifebuoys and lifebuoy equipment, adherence to the following guidelines set forth by the National Water Safety ( is essential:

  1. Strategic Positioning: Lifebuoys should be strategically positioned in easily accessible locations, clearly visible, and preferably in the distinct colours of red or yellow to enhance visibility.
  2. Optimal Height: Ensure that lifebuoys are mounted at a maximum height of 1.7 metres above ground level for easy accessibility.
  3. Regular Maintenance: Regular inspections of lifebuoys and their housings are essential. Any signs of wear, damage, or tampering should prompt immediate replacement to guarantee their effectiveness in rescue situations.
  4. Considered Placement: The placement and spacing of life-saving equipment should be determined based on identified risks, Areas where people congregate or are prone to accidents should be given priority. Generally, spacing lifebuoys at intervals of 100 metres is recommended under standard conditions, ensuring that potential rescuers are not more than 50 metres away from the equipment at any given time.

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