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Fibrelight Rod Stretcher (Standard)

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The Fibrelight Pole Stretcher is an ultralight rescue stretcher solution designed for rapid deployment in emergency situations. This buoyant stretcher provides essential in-water spinal immobilisation and can be swiftly set up with minimal effort. Its user-friendly design ensures that it requires little to no training, making it an ideal choice for emergency responders. Perfect for search and rescue teams, the Fibrelight Pole Stretcher combines simplicity and efficiency, offering reliable support when it matters most.

Fibrelight ROD Stretcher - Lightweight Water Rescue Stretcher - Buoyant Stretcher for Immobilisation During in-Water Spinal Casualty Recovery - Fibrelight Rod Stretcher - Lightweight Emergency Stretcher - Floating Stretcher for in-Water Spinal Support

The Fibrelight Pole Stretcher offers rigid support for casualties, designed to be carried by a six-person team. This ultralight rescue stretcher is fully adjustable to accommodate various sizes, ensuring secure containment for both vertical and horizontal lifts. Its simplistic and modern design allows for easy recovery, providing maximum support for the casualty with minimal effort from the rescuers.

Compact and lightweight, this buoyant stretcher can be easily stowed in an emergency vehicle and carried by a single person to the scene. The Fibrelight Pole Stretcher is ideal for use by rescue teams, paramedics, and first aiders both on land and in water, thanks to its flotation supports for aquatic spinal immobilisation. This versatile and efficient stretcher ensures reliable performance in any emergency scenario.

Key Features & Equipment Benefits: 

  • Lightweight: Easy to carry and transport to the scene of an emergency.
  • Rigid Spinal Support: Ensures maximum stability and safety for the casualty.
  • Fully Adjustable for Height: Accommodates a wide range of body sizes.
  • Removable Padded Head and Neck Support: Provides additional comfort and protection.
  • Capable of Vertical Rescue: Suitable for lifting casualties in vertical scenarios.
  • Capable of Water Rescue: Designed for efficient in-water spinal immobilisation.
  • 3 Years Manufacturer's Warranty: Ensures long-term reliability and peace of mind.

Technical Information:

  • Length: 1.65 m
  • Width: 170mm
  • Weight: 6kg
  • Safe working load of 200 kg

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  • Lightweight

  • Rigid spinal support

  • Fully adjustable for height

  • Removable padded head and neck support

  • Capable of vertical rescue

  • Capable of water rescue

  • 3 years manufacturers warranty

  • Length: 1.65 m

  • Width: 170mm

  • Weight: 6kg

  •  Safe working load of 200 kg