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Mullion - SOLAS Smart Suit 1A

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The Smart SOLAS Suit 1A is a semi-dry suit which provides optimum features and flexibility as a working suit combined with full approval as a SOLAS Immersion + Anti-Exposure Suit offering multi-functional use or emergency abandonment situation.

Mullion - SOLAS Smart Suit 1A

The Smart Suit - SOLAS combines flexability and functionaility as a working suit with it's optimum features. Offering full approvals as a SOLAS SOLAS Immersion + Anti-Exposure Suit, with multi-functional use for emergency abandonment situations. Comfort, safety and flexability are also at the heart of it's design — evident through the use of neoprene seals in it's construction, intergrated buoyancy, and compatability with other safety equipment such as the thermal liner (1MC6).

SOLAS Smart Suit Key Features & Equipment Benefits

  • Can  be used as a working suit due to flexibility and comfort of design
  • Provides a minimum of 1 hour of thermal protection against cold water shock and delays hypothermia upon immersion
  • Provides additional buoyancy due to inherent floatation foam lining in excess of the SOLAS requirements of 70 Newton for an anti-exposure suit
  • Additional neoprene hood for extra thermal protection during water immersion
  • Fixed insulated hood for constant wear working use
  • Adjustable waist belt with heavy duty metal interlocking buckles
  • Compatible with Mullion SOLAS Hi-Rise 275N Lifejackets
  • Soft and flexible neoprene socks for flexibility to wear under standard work boots and give added thermal protection during water immersion
  • SOLAS approved retro-reflective tape on hood, shoulders, arms and back
  • Comfortable soft neoprene neck seal. 5 fingered neoprene gloves stowed in arm pockets for working use and for thermal protection during water immersion.
  • Inner fixed neoprene wrist seals 
  • Fully waterproof outer fabric + taped seams
  • Wide anti-flushing straps on arms and ankles to give added thermal protection during water immersion
  • Colour coded and sized storage bag with quick-rip touch and close opening panel to allow rapid donning in an emergency situation
  • Elasticated leg panels for snug fit and to increase thermal protection during water immersion
  • Straight collar
  • Additional neoprene hood.
  • Zip closure under flap with touch & close fastening
  • Sleeve pocket with neoprene gloves stored inside.
  • 1 x sleeve pocket + marine grade whistle
  • Adjustable belt in the waist
  • Possibility to increase thermal protection from 1 to 6 hours as increasing the buoyancy by combining with our thermal floatation liner 1MC6.
  • The thermal floation liners are colour coded for sizing.

Technical Information: 

  • Available sizes: S - XL
  • Buoyancy: 100N (Size L)
  • Colour: Orange / Black


  • Ship's Wheel
  • Maritime PPE Safety Standards:
  • IMO / SOLAS / MED: "The International Maritime Organisation governs the Convention of Safety Of Life at Sea – SOLAS. This Convention requires that SOLAS requirements are met for all life-saving equipment carried and used on board all ships on international voyages including passenger ships and cargo ships of 500 gross tonnes or more. This includes lifejackets, abandonment suits and immersion suits. Recognition that the equipment fully complies with the requirements of the MED – Marine Equipment Directive – will be denoted by a ‘Ships Steering Wheel’ mark which must be on all equipment sold to European Community Ships of 500 tons or more in size."
  • SOLAS IMMERSION + ANTI-EXPOSURE SUITS: "These Immersion and Anti-Exposure Suits should provide the highest level of safety and performance. They incorporate inherent buoyancy which gives the wearer flotation and thermal protection in order to provide the optimum chance of survival and rescue before any negative effects of cold water immersion set in and to protect against the risks of drowning. In accordance with the SOLAS requirements, according to the LSA Code, Chapter II, 2.3: Where required as Immersion suits, they are designed to cover the whole body (including boots to cover the feet), with the exception of the face and with separate gloves that are permanently attached to the suit. Where required as Anti-Exposure suits only, they can be designed and supplied without the boots fitted (as permitted by the Administration) and equipped with a pocket for a portable VHF radio / telephone. An un-insulated immersion suit or anti-exposure suit is intended to provide the wearer with up to 1 hour protection in a water temperature range of > 5°C. An insulated immersion suit is intended to provide the wearer with up to 6 hours protection in a water temperature range of > 0°C. These suits are designed to be worn in conjunction with a compatible SOLAS / MED approved lifejacket."




*See Additional Mullion Smart Thermal Flotation Liner*

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