Credit terms available to government Organisations, NHS, Schools & Blue light services

I.C. Brindle Sealed Beam Fast-Inflation Shelter—the top-of-the-line solution for rapid deployment and versatile use in military, armed forces operations and humanitarian relief efforts. These welded beam shelters inflate swiftly, making them ideal for fast response missions. Once deployed, they remain stable without continuous support, ensuring durability in tough environments and varying weather conditions. Built with flame-retardant, waterproof, and water-repellent materials, these shelters meet the stringent requirements of military environments. Designed for functionality and resilience, our army tents include vehicle flaps and triple-layer windows (RTX™ 500 FR, wipe-clean PVC, and fly mesh) to provide durability and versatility in window setup options. Connectable zips facilitate easy assembly, while a comprehensive repair kit ensures long-term use in field operations.

Guy ropes and heavy-duty stakes offer additional stability when grounded, and a clear pocket pouch allows for convenient storage of essential documents and tools. Safety hazard stripe markings on entrances enhance visibility and safety during entry and exit, crucial for night operations and low-light conditions. These military-grade shelters provide a reliable solution for various military scenarios, from command centers and barracks' to field hospitals and emergency response units. Optional extras such as heating, lighting, and custom branding are available to fit specific mission needs.