Polypropylene Floating Lines

A wide range of throwing and floating lines for lifebuoy, lifebuoys and associated equipment , suitable for a small 24" Lifebuoys to larger 30" lifebuoys available in either 2.5kg or 4kg. Lifebuoys can be bought individually or supplied in a complete set which includes a housing, pole, lifebuoy and line. Our lifebuoy sets are sold worldwide and meet current regulations. Lifebuoys can also be customised / personalised with a vessels / person's name, address or a special date, they can also be coloured to make them especially unique! Our lifebuoys and sets are sold worldwide to Councils, Government Agencies, the Construction Industry, Sports Clubs, Campsites , bed & breakfast owners, Hotels, amongst MANY others! All of our lifebuoys sets are available for immediate despatch from stock now!