Telescopic Reach Poles - Carbon Fibre

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Carbon Fibre Telescopic Reach Poles
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Available in 5m, 9m, 13m & 17m lengths, with a wide range of accessories and attachments


A fast-response rescue device which can be used at distance over water, ice or mud.

Designed in conjunction with a leading UK Fire & Rescue Division, it's ideally suited to the Emergency Services, the Military and other organisations involved in rescue at a distance.

At the core of the system is a strong, light weight carbon fibre telescopic pole with a metal collar to accommodate a wide range of attachments. The unit is available in fully extended lengths of 5m, 9m, 13m & 17m. The longer lengths employ a clamping float to enable the pole end to float and be guided with ease to the casualty.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Fast, accurate, simple and effective to use

  • Can be positioned more quickly and accurately than using a Throw-Bag, and is not hampered by wind or inaccurate throwing

  • Light weight: shorter lengths can be used by a single operator, whilst no more than 2 operators are required for the longer lengths

  • Poles are available in 5m, 9m, 13m & 17m extended lengths

  • Telescopic design makes stowage easy and compact

  • Incorporates an internal Fail-Safe Rope to prevent loss of the vital end section

  • Requires minimal training

  • Manufacturer's product lifetime guarantee (subject to terms and conditions)

  • Designed in conjunction with a leading UK Fire & Rescue Division, and used in over 25 countries worldwide

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  • Material: Ultralight Carbon Fibre

  • Manufactured in the UK

  • Sizes:





  5 Metres 1.8 Metres 2.1 Kg
  9 Metres 2.1 Metres 3.1 Kg
  13 Metres 2.4 Metres 4.7 Kg
  17 Metres 2.6 Metres 5.2 Kg