Marine Publications

The I.C. Brindle & Co Ltd training manual range has been described as the industry's bench-mark for SOLAS Training Manuals, With many of the world's leading organisations choosing ICB's range for their bookshops and vessels. The company now boasts the status of being one of the world’s leading publishers of marine training publications.

Our SOLAS training manuals are unique, with the content being constantly updated to keep on top of and meet the fast-changing regulations and requirements set by the IMO / SOLAS, MCA and other Flag authorities within the maritime industry, giving peace of mind to the end user and surveyors alike.

Bespoke company & vessel specific manuals are also available upon request with many large cruise ship operators choosing this option. Custom specific training manuals ensure that the company receive a manual that complies to the current regulations & requirements, this in turn saves the buyer preparation time and cost , gives uniformity across the fleet and enhances the professional image.

This successful range of manuals includes the SOLAS LSA ( Life Saving Appliance ) Training Manual which is available in English, Spanish & Russian , The SOLAS Fire Training Manual which includes the Fire Fighting Equipment & Techniques available in English, Spanish, French & Russian, The SOLAS Checklist which is available in English & Spanish and a range of Life Raft & Life Boat Survival Craft Manuals which can be purchased in English, Spanish, Greek & German. 

I.C. Brindle also have a complete range of Coded Vessel Training Manuals, the UK Workboat Code 2 Training manual, The Small Coded Vessel Training Manual and the Large Coded / Super Yacht Training Manual, All of these meet current requirements and are accepted by surveyors and classification societies worldwide.