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RO-RO Emergency Lockers c/w Equipment

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RO-RO Emergency Equipment Lockers

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An emergency equipment locker that contains the equipment needed to aid escape when other escape arrangements cannot be used

Fully complies with UK MCA: Merchant Shipping Notice # M.1359


Our Emergency Equipment Locker contains all the equipment required by UK Merchant Shipping Notice M.1359 (for Ro-Ro Passenger Vessels), to aid escape from enclosed spaces within the ship in unusual circumstances, such as when the vessel has a heavy list. The equipment may also be used during damage control or to aid escape when routes are obstructed.

The wide range of equipment is secured in a purpose designed, robust GRP cabinet. Although compactly stowed, individual items are readily to hand on opening the locker door.

The door handle, hinges and three point locking system are manufactured in stainless steel (316), as is the stay which holds the door open when the vessel is rolling and pitching.

The locker is weathertight to IP 56.

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Approval - LRS (type approved)

IP Rating - IP56

Dimensions (mm)  - 1895(h) x 791(w) x 660(deep)

Aperture (mm)  - 1665(h) x 595(w)

Internal depth (mm) -  612

Weight (empty) -  40kg

Colour - Orange (RAL2009) (other colours available by request)

Material  - 3-4mm nominal thickness GRP

Door catch  - 3-way locking bars (316 stainless)

Handle  - Stainless, padlockable

Hinges -  ‘T’ hinges (316 stainless)

Door seal - EPDM

Fixing reinforcements -  12mm ply strips to back and floor

Break-glass key box

Photoluminescent signage


Standard Emergency Equipment:

(Contents and quantites dependant on vessel)

Long Handled Axe

Hand Axe - insulated


Wrecking Bar


Rigid Folding Ladder

Rope Ladder with wood rungs

First Aid Kit

Thermal Protective Aid

Weather Protective Clothing

Adjustable Tripod & Lifting Tackle

Adult Lifting Strop

Child Lifting Strop 

Instruction Chart 

Instruction / Training Manual


Standard cabinet & equipment total weight:

For ships under 100m  approx 167 kg

For ships over 100m  approx 202 kg