SOS Recovery Ladder - Man Overboard Rescue Ladder / Cradle

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The SOS Recovery Ladder is simple, lightweight, and heavy duty MOB recovery / rescue ladder. Preforming two types of recovery in one MOB equipment. Using rungs as a ladder, or utilising the entire ladder shape as a 'cradle' — horizontally lifting the MOB casuality in a  ‘parbuckle’ recovery style. 

SOS Recovery / Rescue Ladder - MOB

The SOS Recovery Ladder - Rescue ladder is a lightweight yet heavy duty piece of MOB equipment that functions as both a ladder and a man overboard cradle. The rungs of the ladder can be climbed, or a horizontal 'parbuckle' lift can be performed during a recovery — utilising a 2:1 leverage, with either halyard or block & tackle, attached to the bottom end lifting eye. This rescue ladder combine both simplicity and speed, as it can be quickly deployed in minutes, and fully operated by 1 person. 

Key Features & Equipment Benefits:

  • Simplicity and speed: easy to deploy within minutes 
  • One person operation, with the ladder being rolled out quickly and ready to be used
  • Multifunctioning recovery / rescue ladder: able-bodied persons can climb the ladder, where an injured or disabled casualty can be lifted horizontally (medically preferred).
  • Efficient stowage: the compact bag is a key feature of the man overboard ladder. Packed in a hi-vis neon yellow mesh bag that unfolds instantly
  • Manufactured of heavy-duty wrap knitted polyester mesh
  • 5 well-spaced ladder steps allow the crew or MOB to control the equipment easily as they climb back on-board providing stable foot and hand purchase.
  • Despite being very durable, the lightweight / 'soft' design will not harm an MOB casualty if the boat rolls
  • 4 x attaching points that connect to the boat or vessel
  • The steps hanging from the 4 attaching points give you greater security and stability 

Technical Information:

  • Size: folded compact is 500mm x 300mm (20 x 12 inches)
  • Width of steps 370mm (14 ½ inches).
  • Weight: Lightweight only 3.3 kilos (7.2 pounds).
  • Length: Deployed length of ladder is 2 ¼ metres (7 ½ feet) enabling the MOB to step onto the lowest step with ease
  • Materials: Heavy duty wrap knitted polyester mesh
  • Attachment point for a sling
  • Quality Certifications: All materials are certified and controlled under the standard quality ISO 9001 management system.

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  • Size: folded compact is 500mm x 300mm (20 x 12 inches)

  • Width: Steps 370mm (14 ½ inches).

  • Weight: Lightweight only 3.3 kilos (7.2 pounds).

  • Length: Deployed length of ladder is 2 ¼ metres (7 ½ feet) enabling the MOB to step onto the lowest step with ease

  • Quick & easy to use MOB equipment

  • Deploys in minutes 

  • 1-person operation

  • Assisted / horizontal rescue

  • 4 x attaching points 

  • High visibility / neon yellow mesh bag (bright rescue colour)

  • 5 x well-spaced rungs / steps, enabling crew to control ladder

  • Material: heavy-duty wrap knitted polyester mesh

  • Lightweight design

  • Self-service maintainence, dries quickly

  • Designed for sail or power vessel

  • Certifications: All materials certified under ISO 9001


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