Credit terms available to government Organisations, NHS, Schools & Blue light services

Lifebuoys | 24" Lifebuoys | 30" Lifebuoys

Lifebuoys, ring buoys, liferings / life ring,  lifesavers, life preservers and lifebelts. (also known as a "Krisby Ring" or "Perry Buoy") - are life-saving equipment designed to be thrown to a person in the water. Providing buoyancy and preventing drowning.


2.5Kg & 4Kg 30 inch orange lifebuoys - SOLAS & MED compliant / approved!

Full range of life ring sets (and accessories). Fulfilling insurance and surveyor requirements.

Comes in two ranges - Premium life saver sets & Budget Lifebuoys

High quality life belt sets & water safety equipment


Browse the full range of lifebuoys - ALL available in either 30" ( 75cm ) or 24" ( 57cm ) - including: Orange lifebuoys, White life rings, Red & White Life rings, Personalised life buoys. Purchase ready-to-buy sets - including: lifebuoy Housing Cabinets, Galvanised Poles, GRP Poles, Rail Clamps, and Buoyant Throwing Lines

Selling and Distributing worldwide to Councils, Government Agencies, the Construction Industry, the Maritime Industry, Sports Clubs, Campsites , Bed & Breakfast owners, Hotels and MANY more.

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