Fire Isolator Range - Electric Vehicle Fire Management

The FIRE ISOLATOR is a range of products designed for isolating and fighting Electric Vehicle car fires in car parks, garages or onboard ferries for example.

This range of equipment effectively isolates and fights Electric Vehicle car fires which are extremely hazardous due to the, now common place, lithium-ion batteries contained inside the vehicle.   

The danger of lithium-ion batteries, such as those found in smartphones and electric vehicles (EVs), catching fire or exploding is well known. While the actual consequences of an EV battery catching fire and the dangers that these fires can cause are well known, it remains very difficult to control and extinguish these fires. 

Imagine if this happened on the parking deck of a ferry or in an underground parking garage. The consequences could be catastrophic. The methods of extinguishing a fire in a lithium-ion battery depend on the location and extent of the fire. However, as a general rule, special extinguishing equipment and methods are required to completely and safely extinguish or isolate the fire.

By using multiple ways and materials of EV car firefighting, you increase the chances of safely isolating the fire by 500%.

Fighting EV car fires with the Fire Isolator concept has been thoroughly tested and proven to be extremely effective.


The FIRE ISOLATOR as a concept is the outcome of many tests working closely with professional firefighting crews that are faced with this problem regularly.  Many different extinguishing methods of (EV) car fires were explored and tested and the finished solution is the range of products you will find here on our website.