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Budget Lifejackets

Discover our budget-friendly range of lifejackets, featuring top brands like Mullion and Besto. Our selection includes SOLAS approved lifejackets that meet the minimum standards set by SOLAS, ensuring compliance with the International Life-Saving Appliance (LSA) code.

With options tailored for industrial and commercial sectors, our lifejackets provide essential buoyancy and safety during Man Overboard situations (MOB). Available in adult and child sizes, our lifejackets come in various types including regular, wipe clean, flame retardant, and auto-harness designs.

Choose from a range of colors including red, orange, yellow, navy, and silver to suit your preferences. Our models include Mullion Hi-Tide 275, Besto 165N, and Eval SOLAS passenger lifejacket, among others. With buoyancies ranging from 160 Newtons to 275 Newtons, our range of brand lifejackets are suited to a diverse range of needs, preferences and standards. 

Take advantage of our affordable prices starting at just £21.85 + vat, ensuring you get quality lifejackets with afforable prices—explore our budget lifejackets range today and prioritise safety without compromising on quality.

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