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Mullion Lifejackets

Welcome to Mullion, where safety and innovation converge in our lifejackets. As a pioneering manufacturer of Marine Safety and Personal Floatation Devices, Mullion engineer gear tailored to protect lives in the harshest environments. Explore I.C. Brindle's extensive range of Mullion lifejackets, blending comfort and durability with cutting-edge safety features. From the versatile Mullion Compact 150, Hi-Rise 150, and Hi-Tide 150 series to the robust Hi-Rise 275, Hi-Tide 275, and Mariner 275 models, we offer a diverse selection to suit your needs. Choose from specialised variants like Regular, Wipe Clean, Heavy Duty, Fall Arrest Harness, Flame Retardant, and PLB Lifejackets, ensuring comprehensive safety solutions for industrial, commercial, and leisure applications.

Discover Mullion's commitment to quality and reliability in maritime safety gear you can trust. Explore our full Mullion lifejacket range below!

Looking for lifejacket Servicing? We are an official Mullion service station, find out more here.

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